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Essential English for Life in the USA

Feeling lost in the USA?

When learners move to the USA, they quickly realize that the English they studied in school is not enough. Because of this, they often become frustrated and may even avoid everyday activities due to fear of not understanding or not being understood. 

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Living in English doesn't have to be difficult for you.

The Essential English for Life in the USA is a 6-week course based on the experiences of hundreds of immigrants I've worked with over the past seven years. We will cover the things many immigrants say they wish they knew before moving, such as:

✅ Understanding native speakers when they're talking fast


✅ Feeling more confident talking on the phone and arranging appointments


✅ The key language Americans use to talk about time, money, and other measurements

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How would your life in the USA be different if you communicate well and with confidence?


💪 Gain Useful Skills: Learn how to understand fast native speakers and the language Americans use to talk about everyday life so that you can express yourself confidently. 

☎️ Become Self-Sufficient: Imagine being able to easily arrange your own appointments, make phone calls, or go to the bank. You will practice communicating with others so you can feel prepared and be independent in your new country.

⚾️ Keep Up With Culture: Cultivate your cultural knowledge about America so you can participate in daily conversations and feel connected to your community.
Improve Your Life: Mastering the day-to-day language of life in the USA will allow you to find a career (or a better career!), enroll in a school, socialize, and much much more!

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Ready to live better in English?

Watch the video to learn more:

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