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October Group Classes Now Enrolling!

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Intermediate Classes

Unsure if small group classes are right for you?

You're not alone ! Lots of students are unsure if small group classes are right for them. 

I think they're awesome, but you shouldn't take my word for it - here's what some of my own students have said about my small group classes:

“I take private classes but I think group classes really teach me for real life. My teacher organizes everything for me in private classes and really all I have to do is answer questions. But in Gabbie’s small group classes, we have to learn how to manage the conversation by ourselves and to ask questions and to tell others when we can’t understand sometimes. This has helped me to manage better at work when there is usually more than 2 people talking in a conversation.” 

– Pilar Mendez, Brazil

“Even if I'm shy or tired, I always learn something from the other students. They ask questions sometimes I'm too embarrassed to ask or didn’t remember. Even if I'm lazy or quiet one day, I learn a lot." 

– Lin Ai, Taiwan


“I understand now other accents! This is great because I want to work for an international company and they are group mixed.” 

– Alberto Munoz, Colombia


“I was curious about group classes but was afraid I would be in a class with people with a higher or lower level. Gabbie is really good at managing this - even if someone is lower or higher than you, she will help the situation benefit you. For example, one time I was with someone lower level to me. Gabbie helped me to teach this student some new vocabularies. Because of that, I will never forget these words. It helped me understand better and improved my memory.”

– Latife Batur, Turkey

What's a group class like?

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october classes.png

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Sometimes students hesitate to join a group class. They sometimes question the quality and benefits of a group environment -- after all, they don't want to share their time with other students, and would prefer talking to only a native speaker to help them improve.


This couldn't be further from the truth! 


Here are some research-based reasons to join a group conversation club:


1. Get real-World experience and skills that boost your career: Working in a group rather than just your teacher allows you develop skills that are increasingly important in the professional world, such as:

✅the ability to work on a team

✅planning and managing time

✅effectively navigating cultural differences and perspectives

✅Learning how to give and receive social support/ feedback


👏 All of these can help you find BETTER job opportunities in English, and/or work, study, or live abroad.


2. Time efficient: Group courses are great for those who want to get a lot out of a short amount of time — since group classes are usually between 45-60 minutes, they’re super convenient for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time. 


3. Your listening comprehension will be BETTER than students who only work privately with native speakers: Did you know that there are more non-native English speakers in the world than native speakers? Students often tell me they have a hard time understanding different accents -- and that is because they never practice! Even if you move to an English speaking country, it is VERY likely that the majority of your interactions will NOT be native speakers. This is why learning to communicate and understand different English accents is a crucial skill. 


4. Accountability: It's science -numerous studies show that studying is harder psychologically than anything else  (that means convincing ourselves to do it is often harder than the information we need to study). Being surrounded by not only a teacher but 4-8 people pushing themselves to be better will only help you stay more accountable to your language-learning routine and help you make progress faster.


5. Cheaper than a private lessons:  As a teacher with over 7 years experience, I know how effective private lessons can be, but I also know how expensive they are. All of my lessons, whether they are private or group, are structured in a way that supports student growth. There is always time to ask questions and receive clarification at the end of every lesson, And students still receive feedback and guidance from a certified teacher (me!). 


It’s essentially like taking a private lesson for less than a 1/3 of the price!

6. Fun: Honestly, this is probably the most important reason of all! Let’s face it, if it’s not fun, you won’t make it a habit. And the only way to get noticeable results is by sticking to a consistent habit.