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Group Classes

Why practice English with others?  Here are some benefits:

•Practice making yourself understood to a variety of people (not just your teacher!)

•Practice listening to and understanding different accents (an essential skill, since most people who speak English are not native speakers) 

•Learn MORE from other's mistakes, strengths, and questions

•Less pressure and more fun than 1-1 class

•Make friends or connections who can help you through your English journey!

About our group classes:

  • 9-12 student maximum so that everyone has a chance to speak and build fluency​

  • Learn from natural discussion and build conversational stamina in a calm, friendly, comfortable environment​

  • Discussion is guided to challenge you to use new language, and strengthen existing knowledge

  • Access to all media and notes from class

The priority in these classes is to get you talking! This means we sometimes use breakout rooms and work in groups or pairs for short periods of the class which also helps you to get used to different accents in English and improve your communication skills.​

Overall, these classes are a fun, friendly, and comfortable way to improve your communication skills in English!​

 Watch the video to see what a group class is like!

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