Wondering if people can understand your English?

Confused about how you can improve your skills?

Curious to know how you sound to a native speaker?

Try a speaking assessment!

What happens after I purchase a Speaking Assessment?

1. You will receive a file with a Pre-Assessment Questionnaire. You must fill out the questionnaire before I will email you a link to schedule our Zoom meeting.   


2. After you schedule your Zoom meeting, I will email you the link to our Zoom meeting. 


3. We will have our meeting. 


4. I will email you a PDF of my complete observations and recommendations.

What's a Speaking Assessment?

A Speaking Assessment is a 50-minute private assessment where you will learn about your English speaking level.


In this assessment, we will have a private Zoom meeting. We will have a conversation and I will take you through some exercises so that I can observe your English speaking ability and overall communication style, including your pronunciation, vocabulary use, fluency, and conversational flow.


After 40 minutes, I'll provide a quick summary of my observations. We'll discuss what I've observed and you may ask any questions.


Later, I will send you a PDF containing a full assessment as well as specific recommendations for improvement. 


Zoom sessions are also recorded for you to review at anytime.